SOMETIMES OUR NEIGHBORHOOD looks its best on a grey day- when the glitzy commercial veneer of modern SoHo melts away for a moment, letting the timeless architectural beauty of vintage SoHo become the focus. Almost like you're in a classic black and white movie. So instead of hiding from the rainy November weather, or the gloom that's filled afternoons since daylight savings time ended last weekend, we decided to circle the block and check the pulse on Canal St. Here are some photos we took on the outing, featuring new arrivals from Kapital, Whitesville, and Atelier & Repairs, plus a cheap umbrella that broke within 30 seconds of buying it. That's good old Canal Street for you.




Roughout Leather Jacket by Kapital, Whitesville Hoodie by Toyo Enterprise, Malva Repairs Trousers by Atelier & Repairs.


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