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June 01, 2017

Blue In Green featured on Grailed "A Closer Look"


A Closer Look: Blue In Green

Words Jake Silbert
Date June 01, 2017

Everyone goes through a raw denim phase. It’s a feeling everyone experiences when they first get into fashion that encourages them to buy a quality pair of timeless, raw, selvedge jeans that will surely last them for the rest of their life. Some people stick with it and others outgrow the jeans, both physically and stylistically. I fall into the latter camp; although I do have a pair that I like, I’m pretty far removed from the denimheads, the people who discuss the merits of ocean-washing your jeans and rank their favorite reproduction denim brand arcuates. Thus, I entered Blue In Green SoHo (located at 8 Greene St.) with rather mild expectations, expecting a strong showing of jeans and, well, not much more. Boy, was I wrong.


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September 01, 2016

Blue In Green featured in GQ's "How to Shop New York City Like It’s Tokyo":

Blue in Green  
Raw denim and other highly sought after Japanese fashions from small-scale brands.


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May 03, 2016

Introducing The Cover Nippon

Renovations on the store are almost complete and we'll be announcing our soft opening later this week. This Thursday May 5th we'll introduce "The Cover Nippon New York" featuring a selection of lifestyle products made by contemporary Japanese master artisans located on the mezzanine of our new expanded space. The reception starts from 6pm at Blue In Green.


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March 23, 2016

Kapital mention in The New Yorker

David Sedaris recounts a week spent shamelessly shopping in Japan:   via


March 16, 2016


Many of our most popular jeans sell out before they can be restocked, with wait times varying from weeks to months, so to try and correct this we’ll attempt to keep our most popular styles in stock in every size at all times. This means however that less popular styles may not be routinely restocked or will be discontinued all together. This also means we may no longer be carrying as wide a range of styles as we currently do in the hopes of servicing our customers looking for popular styles in stock in their size.

March 16, 2016