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(From the First Arrow's website)

The trademark : Our motif is the Sun. The Sun is the origin of everything.

FIRST-ARROW’s helps the person who wears our product. We have such an earnest wish. Arrows show a better way, and we wish that our customers will be led to good luck. We handcraft these products one by one in the FIRST-ARROW’s studio. We never compromise, each one is handcrafted carefully ,delicately and to make absolute value. The origin of the style is native, but at first, we make the product which we want. We bring out the utmost characteristic of the material (feel and color), and harmonizing it with a design. Each production process is carried out by the original technique such as selection of materials, sculpting and polishing. We want to offer eternal products. This is a concept of First Arrow’s. (Every product of the First Arrows will receive “an eternal guarantee”.)

[1] First arrow, Bow & First arrow, Arrowhead

It’s the same as our concept. FIRST-ARROW’s helps the person who wears our product.
We have such an earnest wish. Arrows show a better way, and we wish that our customers will be led to good luck.

[2] Sun

Sun is a symbol of the God (sun god) energy・power. It’s the “origin” of all things.

[3] Arabesque, flower

They express life, vitality, crop, and express the earth with the sun and arabesque.

[4] Eagle, feather

Only an eagle can communicate with god . The feather of the eagle is a symbol of the courage.

[5] Eagle claw

It is said that if you can obtain a dream, you can obtain something.

[6] Bear claw

It expresses strength.

[7] Medicine wheel

A chain and a direction (North, South, East and West). The lucky charm which orders one’s course.



Pure silver is too flexible so we mainly use “silver and copper” dual alloy when we make silver accessories. FIRST-ARROW’s uses 950 silver (95% silver 5% copper). Accessories have the utmost suitable hardness, color and shine. We use harder 925 silver (92.5% silver / 7.5% copper) for the part which needs the hardness for molding. When the article needs the hardness more, we give heat-treatment and special processing to strengthen it more.


Pure gold is also too flexible so we use “gold , silver and copper, etc” alloy, mainly 18K which is 75% gold, 25% other (silver , copper , etc.. ).
It is comparatively yellow 18K of the hue that mixed “other metals ” at the original ratio.


Native Americans considered the turquoise to be a holy stone for a long time. It keeps you away from danger and disease.
It is thought of as “a lucky charm” giving good luck. It is also thought to express the sky and water.


When light reflects BLACKSTAR, four lines of stars appear. It is a very beautiful stone showing star-shaped light in darkness. It was first excavated in 1964. FIRST- ARROW’S uses high quality Blackstar.


FIRST-ARROW’s uses cowhide. It’s called “BUTTERO”. It is leather tanned in Italy by a traditional technique called “TANNIN ”. The quality is special, and it is the highest grade. If taken care of diligently, the gloss will be better.


Deerskin is soft and porous leather. It is one of the leathers which have been made for a long time in Japan. It is very strong leather because the fiber is dense, so it doesn’t snap easily, even if exhausted.


We make every product elaborately, even invisible and small parts.
These feelings give boldness and delicateness to FIRST-ARROW’s products.
As a token of absolute value and an eternal guarantee, we carve FIRST-ARROW’s name.