Rechargeable Battery

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    Rechargeable Battery

    About the Heating System

    The temperature can be adjusted by using the switch near the chest. 
    The switch will change colors according to temperature, so you can easily see and adjust to the desired temperature while wearing. 
    The heat is created from carbon fabrics and uses the far-infrared ray to warm up the body from the inside. 
    The heating system can be used by connecting the re-chargeable batteries to the USB plug of the product.
    The time of duration will vary according to the size of the battery capacity and temperature. 
    *Batteries sold separately (USB: Output Port : Output Voltage 5V Output current more than 2A)

    How to use the Heating System

    1. Place the re-chargeable batteries inside battery pocket inside the left-hand side, and plug in the USB. 
    2. Press on the button located on the left-hand side for 2 to 3 seconds. The LED light will blink red to turn on the power. 
    3. After turning on the power, you can adjust the temperature by pressing the switch. (The LED will change colors according to temperature)

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