Oni Denim

02527PZR-BKBK 20oz Secret Denim Jean Jacket (Blue In Green Exclusive Version)- Black

  • Oni Denim No. ONI-02527PZR-BKBK
    Low Tension Secret Denim Jean Jacket (Blue In Green Exclusive Version)
    • Special edition details for Blue In Green include Black deerskin patch with embossed Oni Mask design (Their First Original Patch Design)
    • Color: Black x Black
    • Original 20oz Japanese Selvedge "Secret" Denim
    • Low tension weave
    • 100% Cotton
    • One Wash
    • Black enamel coated steel buttons
    • Black powder coated copper rivets
    • Made In Japan

    ONI's Secret Black denim was developed to fade similar to an indigo denim but with some unique differences. The warp yarns are rope dyed leaving the cores undyed to give way to contrast fading, and since they're sulfur dyed the black color will break down to shades of grey. The weft yarns were dyed black to the core for less contrast fading so the mix of these two dying methods will produce interesting and alternating grey to black contrast fading characteristics.

    The low tension weave gives the denim a soft hand with an irregular and slubby texture. There are many other special techniques involved with creating the unique look, texture and feel of this denim all of which are held secret, hence the name “Secret Denim”.

  • Oni Denim No. ONI-02527PZR-BKBK
    Low Tension Secret Denim Jean Jacket One Wash


    TAGGED SIZE 36 38 40 42 44
    NECK 18 18.5 18.5 19.5 20
    SHOULDER 16.75 17.25 18 18.5 19.25
    CHEST 37 38 40 41.5 44
    ARM HOLE 21 21.5 21.5 22 22
    SLEEVE 23.25 24.25 24.25 25.5 25.5
    CENTER BACK 23.5 24 24.25 24.5 25