Sage De Crêt

SAGE DE CRET was launched by Director Kimitoshi Chida in 2001 from the desire to create a tasteful creation made in Japan, which includes meticulously selected fabrics and templates and accessories. The brand name is a coinage using the two words “sage” and “decret” which means “sensible” and “order” respectively in French. The brand proposes a wardrobe in which the roles of its clothing are well thought-out, from stitching to zipper, lining and form, dying, material, and sewing, details. In addition, the collection states through its clothes that the brand’s basic concepts–work, military, and traditional wear–are the foundation of menswear. Its refined techniques and design pay respect to the history and tradition of fashion but are unconstrained by the conventional. It is a wardrobe that lets men have their own style and dress with their own style.