Two Ears Brand


The Two Ears Brand started off as just an idea of creating 1860’s-1880’s accurate bandannas. Collecting vintage pieces, old factory samples, documentation and an abundance of research over the course of 10 years, everything coalesced in 2018. Keeping things as accurate and as high quality as possible, the brannd started their first production bandanna in the summer of 2019.

Why “Two Ears”? Why Corn? Two Ears is a play on Japanese and English words. The word for selvedge in Japanese is “mimi” which also happens to mean ear. Keeping in context of other bandanna brands, like the elephant, tiger, diamond, etc the logo was intended to be simple and familiar to a wide audience. The counter for corn in English is “ear”, so they went with “The Two Ears Brand” and two ears of corn as the logo.

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