Kimono Style


Atelier & Repairs ‘No Combat’ Keikogi jacket been softened up both literally, in a stone wash process, and figuratively, reimagined in a way that makes the martial arts jacket unfit for its original use. The pockets have been replaced with vintage fabrics and hand-stitched to make every piece a unique one-of-a-kind.



No Combat KEIKOGI Jacket by Atelier & Repairs, T-Shirt by Atelier & Repairs, Pants by The Nerdys, Canoe Moc by Yuketen.



Soulive take the hip-length haori jacket and give it a boro makeover. This one is made using a breathable linen fabrics, and patches it with fine, soft linens in varying shades of indigo. An ideal layer for warm summer days that can elevate a shirt and shorts outfit. Worn here with Foot The Coacher sandals and Bather swim shorts, it makes the ideal easy layer to smarted things up as you move from the beach to the bar.



Harvesty Haori by Soulive, Shirt by Atelier & Repairs, Swim Trunks by Bather, Sandals by Foot the Coacher.



This flight-jacket inspired hoari coat from Soulive typifies the east-meets-west design approach that brand does so well. Founded in 1992 in the Kojima district, Okayama, the denim Mecca of Japan, the brand utilizes traditional indigo and hand-worked techniques to create clothing that pays respect to the past but with an eye to the future.



Flight Haori Jacket by Soulive, Shirt by Atelier & Repairs, Pants by Fortune Goods, Sandals by Foot the Coacher.


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