Pure Blue Japan

AI-019 17.5oz Natural Indigo Relax Tapered

  • Pure Blue Japan No. AI-019
    17.5oz Natural Indigo Relax Tapered
    • Color: Natural Indigo
    • 17.5oz PBJ Original Japanese Selvedge Denim
    • One Wash
    • 100% Cotton
    • Slim Tapered Fit
    • Sheepskin Leather Patch
    • 100% Cotton Thread Sewing Construction
    • Made In Japan

    The yarn is hand dyed with natural indigo harvested from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan. Only a handful of indigo craftsmen are capable of this dyeing technique. They are certified by the Japanese government to be a national living treasure

    The lengthy fermenting process required to produce natural indigo and the low annual output make this a highly coveted dye material. The undyed cotton yarns are dipped by hand into indigo dye vats repeatedly until the indigo has penetrated the core of the yarns.

    For this reason, natural indigo jeans have a reputation for retaining their color. Most jeans use indigo dyed yarns that are white at the core, since they have not fully absorbed the indigo. The top layer of indigo will eventually give way to the white centers with moderate wear and abrasion. Natural indigo models hold their blue color longer making them tougher to break in, but this adds to their uniqueness.

  • Pure Blue Japan No. AI-019
    17.5oz Natural Indigo Relax Tapered One Wash

    Measurements of Actual Garment in Inches:
    Sizes 33 ~ 40

    TAGGED SIZE 33 34 36 38 40
    WAIST 31 32 33 35.5 38
    FRONT RISE 11 11 11.5 11.75 12.25
    BACK RISE 15 15 15.25 16 16.25
    UPPER THIGH 12.5 12.75 13 13.75 14
    KNEE 8 8.25 8.75 9 9.25
    LEG OPENING 7 7.25 7.5 7.75 8
    INSEAM 32 32.25 32.25 32.25 32.25