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Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030

  • Deltron 3030
    Deltron 3030
    • 12" Vinyl Record
    • Released: 2011
    • Label: Deltron Partners
    • Catalog: DEL75033
    • Genre: Funk, Soul
    • LP Reissue

    Del tha Funkee Homosapien has, for years, been widely regarded as King of the Oddball Rappers. Lugging the backpack long before there was a codified arty hip-hop scene, Del sneaked onto the radio, clinging by his fingernails to cousin Ice Cube's Chuck Taylor strings. Of course, even his hard-rock relative was befuddled by the Sapien's giddy spirals of abstract, meaningless verbiage. "Del," queried Cube on his oddball cuz's debut, "What the fuck is a Funkee Homosapien?"

    What the fuck, indeed. Del was never shy when it came to flaunting his restless MC intellect, favoring elaborate puns and encyclopedic vocabulary over, like, meaning. The classic example of this, naturally, is Del's first single, 1991's "Mistadobalina." The track served as a lengthy put-down on some guy named Mr. Bob Dobalina, about whom very little was clear except that Del found him a little silly.

    Del has always seemed irritated at having to address the real world, and as such, his best verses are completely divorced from it. For the most part, his last few albums have kept things defiantly surreal, which is great fun, but also chafes the listener. Surely, a lyricist with Del's heavy-duty intelligence has interesting thoughts to share about something other than how cool he and his friends are. It seemed we'd never know... until now.

    Paired with the Automator, the Kool Keith-embraced-and-scorned poet laureate of creepy, oppressive beats, Del has finally sent himself where he belonged to begin with: outer space. On Deltron 3030, he unravels an album-length narrative about the titular year, in which he's a superhero named Deltron Zero (a plot not entirely dissimilar from that of RZA's Bobby Digital). Armed with his two sidekicks, the Automator (here saddled with the unfortunate sobriquet "The Cantankerous Captain Aptos") and scratch mastermind Kid Koala (aka "Skiznod the Boy Wonder"), Deltron-Z combs the galaxy, supporting his secretive Earthling existence by participating in weird rap battles where one's rhymes summon psychic powers that physically damage the opponent.