Pure Blue Japan

Deep Indigo Denim Jean Jacket

  • Pure Blue Japan No. 6066
    Deep Indigo Denim Jean Jacket
    • Fabric: 13oz PBJ Original Japanese Selvedge Denim
    • 100% Cotton
    • Once Washed
    • Deerskin Leather Patch
    • 100% Indigo Woven Denim, Not Overdyed
    • 100% Cotton Thread Sewing Construction
    • Made In Japan

    The most common indigo denims are woven with vertical indigo warp threads and horizontal undyed weft yarns. The Deep Indigo Denim Jacket uses genuine indigo dyed warp and weft (threads and yarns) to create a solid blue indigo jean. The cores of these threads and yarns remain undyed as the indigo does not fully penetrate to the centers. This allows for contrast fading similar to that of traditional blue denim jacket but with a unique blue overcast.

    PBJ original slubby texture denims which include the XX-003, XX-004, XX-005, XX-005BK, XX-007, XX-009, XX-010, XX-012, XX-013, NC-005, and NC-013, are all woven using the same single shuttle loom machine which was manipulated and rigged in such a way as to create this unique loose and uneven weave, and only for use by Pure Blue Japan. Just these denims mentioned above are woven on this one machine which must be shared and divided into small productions of each denim throughout the year. Because of this, the productions are small and infrequent which makes these denims that much more special and unique.

  • Pure Blue Japan No. 6066
    Deep Indigo Denim Jean Jacket

    Measurements of Actual Garment in Inches:

    TAGGED SIZE 2 3 4 5 6
    NECK 17.5 17.5 18.5 19 21
    SHOULDER 15.5 17 18.5 20 22.5
    CHEST 38 40 43 46 50
    ARM HOLE 22 22 22.25 23.5 24
    SLEEVE 25.5 26 26.75 27.25 27
    CENTER BACK 25 25.75 27 28.75 30