Samurai Jeans

All About Samurai (Samurai Jeans Book)

  • Samurai Book サムライ・ブック
    142 Pages
    Special issue magazine/book dedicated entirely to Samurai Jeans
    Featuring famous actor and comedian Tomomitsu Yamaguchi on the cover

    • Interview With Samurai President Mr. Nogami
    • Samurai Jeans History
    • Samurai Jeans Denim Encyclopedia
    • Manufacturing Sites Used For All Samurai Jeans Products
    • “Shacho” “Gussan” Manufacturing Company
    • …And More


    All written text throughout the book is in Japanese. Published by Daytona Bros.
    Printed in Japan 2011.

  • Samurai Book サムライ・ブック

    Book Size: 8.5" x 11.25" x 3/8"