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The Colours That Rise - 2020

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  • The Colours That Rise
    • 12" Vinyl Record
    • Released: 2017
    • Label: Breaker Breaker
    • Catalog: BRKKR004
    • Genre: House
    • 12"

    The sound of '2020' is new jazz and old funk with an electronic city pace, brought to you by duo The Colours That Rise. Made up of multi-instrumentalists and producers Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams, their '2020' EP is a confident guide through future sounds and past histories from a time yet to come.

    Created using analogue synths and acoustic instruments, the 4 track EP works as the score to a yet to be created animation. Nathanael's background is creating soundtracks for films, while Simeon plays with UK jazz prophets Yussef Kamaal and featured on Henry Wu’s ‘Negotiate’ 12”.

    Providing groove for the dancer and hidden meanings for the listener, '2020' is plugged in to the pulse of UK dancefloors and the resurgence of funk audiences. With their fusion sound, The Colours That Rise are another welcome addition to the new ‘UK Jazz invasion’ alongside their friends and colleagues Yussef Kamaal and The Comet is Coming.

    '2020' is an experimental electronic voyage that emerges from the ambient and arrives on the dance floor


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