Lot 1000XX Regular Straight Leg Fit

by: Warehouse


Lot 1000XX 2011 Edition

Straight Leg Fit

6x6 Special Weave (this model uses a special weave of #6 indigo warp threads and #6 ecru weft yarns which make it slightly heavier in weight and giving it a slightly darker Blue color than the lighter weight 7x6 weave of the regular 1000XX denim).

14.5 ounce Warehouse original Japanese selvage denim

100% Memphis USA Cotton

Pure Indigo

Warehouse embossed steel tack buttons & steel punch through rivets

Denim lined front pockets

100% cotton thread top stitching

Deer skin leather patch

Available in Raw (will shrink with washing) and One Wash

Made In Japan

easurements in inches and for the raw model before washing:

Measurements in inches and for the one washed model:
slight amount of additional shrinkage may occur with further machine washing
** Measurements are based on averages taken from multiple pairs of the same size and style. As these garments are made by hand, measurements may vary slightly for each individual pair. Our posted measurements are meant as a guide to the overall fit and silhouette of the garment. Please take this into consideration when choosing your size. Here is a visual guide to how we measure our jeans.