Having established himself as an exceptionally skilled and respected craftsman in the Japanese denim industry, in 1985 Toshikiyo Hirata formed his own company, Kapital. Originally spelled “Capital,” the name refers to Kojima, the “Denim Capital” of Japan where the brand was founded. Today, Toshikiyo continues to run Kapital as president, alongside his son Kiro, who is head designer. As father and son the two bring together the company’s traditional roots with a contemporary aesthetic.

This union of the old and the new is at the heart of the brand, which originally focused exclusively on denim, borrowing heritage production techniques from vintage American workwear, but has become known for its rich, innovative reinterpretations of mid-century Americana.

Image courtesy of Marc Aquino. Used with Permission. © Marc Aquino 




1. O.N.I. 20 oz Secret Denim in 2 fits, the 666ZR Super Tight Tapered, and the 622ZR Relax Tapered


Cold Weather Gear

1. CABANE DE ZUCCA Long Coat - Navy $689 2. MACKINTOSH 6104D Cotton Bonded Trench with Hood - Olive Drab $1590 3. MOUNTAIN RESEARCH 2048 M-1948 Liner - Red $685




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